Types of Online Bingo Games

There are a wide variety of online bingo games available for play. Most of these games will fall into one of the following categories. Knowing what these types of bingo entail are important so you dont get into a game that you dont think youll enjoy.
One type of online bingo variety is five in a row. This is perhaps the most additional form of bingo. Its name relates to the five letters that are used to spell the word bingo. When playing five in a row bingo the chips can be arranged in a number of patterns. This would include horizontally, diagonally and vertically.
Speed bingo is another type of bingo game. In this variation the numbers are called out very quickly. Also in this game it does not take as many numbers to have a match as other bingo varieties. In fact in some games you can win with as low as three numbers.

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Latest News: Bingo Addiction Led to Theft

A woman addicted to bingo stole from an elderly woman she was caring for.

According to online bingo news, Barbara Taylor, 58, was convicted of stealing 20,300 from her neighbor in order to fund her addiction. The victim, Elizabeth Bailey, is an elderly lady who depended upon Taylor to look after her and do her shopping. Taylor began with good intentions, running errands with the victims bank cards, but eventually the temptation proved to be too strong and she began withdrawing cash from an ATM located inside a bingo hall.

Some of the 20,000 was used for legitimate purposes, but approximately 11,000 went towards funding her habit, bingo sites have reported. The victim only discovered the theft when she realized her bank accounts were empty and she had outstanding bills to be paid by direct debit. Bingo blog sites report that Taylor has been jailed for 12 months.

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Playing Bingo is Good For Your Brain

Lovers of online bingo can rejoice at the findings in the recent report which state that playing bingo can actually assist cognitive performance for people suffering from dementia, Alzheimers Disease and Parkinsons Disease.

Whilst the social benefit of sitting in the bingo rooms has always been acknowledged, researchers from Case Western Reserve University, Boston University and Bridgewater State University have now concluded that the benefits extend far beyond the pleasures of talking to your online bingo buddies.

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A Merry, Merry Christmas To You All From The World Gamble Blog!

Merry Christmas to you, I hope this blog finds you in good health and youre enjoying Christmas day. Ive just popped the turkey in the oven and sat down to have a few games of festive bingo, but before I start, let me give you your Christmas present. Weve gone to all the trouble of selecting you this Christmas day, the finest bingo sites to play on in all of Christendom.

All you need to do is follow our links for in depth reviews of the best sites out there. Now Ive got your attention, put your feet up, have a glass of mulled wine and check out our reviews for the best bingo sites around. Who knows, you could have a lucky win this Christmas day and treat all the family to a fantastic holiday in the new year! With bingo, the opportunities to have some fun and make some serious money are endless.

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Thank God For The Auto Dauber In Online Bingo

With only a few days left till Christmas, its time to get your skates on and finish all that Christmas shopping before its too late. Its strange to think, but Christmas is actually one of the most stressful times of the year, with so many things to prepare for, it can be hard to make sure your on top of everything. I liken it to a game of online bingo without the aid of an auto dauber. Imagine having to cross off all your numbers at break neck speed as the caller reels out the numbers. Youd have to be the Speedy Gonzales of the online bingo world!

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