Someone Just Won Nearly 18 Million Euros with Mega Fortune Slot

I just published this breaking news at my slot blog how a Finnish man has just won almost 18 million at PAF online casino with Mega Fortune slot machine. I have been able to confirm the story is true by sending an e-mail to PAF and they replied with this press release:

New world record! Player wins nearly 18 million euros in online
slots game

A new world record for online slots winnings was set on Sunday, 20 January, when a middle-aged Finnish player won 17.8 million euros while playing on, the site of an land-based gaming company.

The former world record in online slots winnings can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records, and was a little over 11.7 million euros. In other words, the old record has now been surpassed by a staggering six million euros in one blow.

This win is completely off the charts for these kinds of games. The whole gaming world has been holding its breath during this fall and winter, while the jackpot has just kept on growing. Since this jackpot was pooled, which means that it is shared by several gaming companies, we are naturally very happy about the fact that the jackpot was again won by one of our customers. Paf players seem to have an incredibly good flow at the moment, says Anders Sims, Head of Press and PR at Paf.

Many big winners

During the last year, several big jackpots have been won at In 2012, one player cashed out a jackpot worth 6.9 million euros, and another took home 8.6 million euros.

This win is the crowning glory of online slots game jackpots, and the prize sum of 17.8 million euros will be paid out tax-free into the players account, Anders Sims says.

Keeping in contact with the winners

Every time a Paf customer wins a large amount of money, the gaming company does its best to support the player in their new life situation.

Since we want the prize money to be a source of joy for the winner, we strongly recommend that winners seek economic counseling and that they remain anonymous. We also recommend that big winners take a break from playing, says Paf CEO Anders Ingves.

We want our customers to feel that they really are among friends with us, and to this end we are personally in contact with big winners as long as we are needed, says Robert Sderdahl, Pafs Country Manager in Finland.

Second world record for gaming systems supplier

NetEntertainment, a gaming systems supplier for Paf and several other companies, are also happy about the new world record.

This is our second world record jackpot in online gaming. The large liquidity within the slots with progressive jackpots enables the rapid growth of these jackpots, which is great news for the operators. We want to congratulate the winner of this record jackpot and hope to turn many more players into millionaires in the future, says Per Eriksson, CEO at NetEntertainment.

Facts about the new world record

  • Prize sum: 17,860,368 euros
  • Time: Sunday 20 January 2013
  • Place:
  • Slots game: Mega Fortune
  • Game provider: NetEntertainment
  • Winner: Middle-aged man from Helsinki, Finland

Paf will interview the winner and distribute the interview to the media later today.

So now the current standing for 3 biggest progressive slot machine wins is as follows:

  1. 17,860,368 with Mega Fortune at PAF
  2. 11.7 million with Mega Fortune at Betsson
  3. 8.65 million with Arabian Nights at PAF

The Fierce Worldwide Slot Machines Debate

It seems like slot machines were the subject of fierce debate last week, with both Australia and America divided over whether or not theyre a good idea. Predictably, casino blog writers will probably be in favor, problem gambling blog writers will probably be against. And the government is tying itself up in knots trying to find an amenable solution for all.
The argument against goes something like this: slot machines contribute to the likelihood of developing a gambling addiction, which in turn destroys families, and the financial hardship that addicts can undergo contributes to crime like theft and drugs.

The argument for goes something like this: people have a right to spend their money in whatever way pleases them, they have a right to make their own choices, and trying to outlaw slots and gambling is a blatant violation of personal freedoms.

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The Casino Slots Tradition Lives On

In the beginning, there was a fruit slot machine.

Im not entirely sure who thought it would be a good idea to place fruit, bars and bells on the reels, but if you check out the casino slots of today youd think barely any time at all had passed. Just like most things, what was once popular has become cool again the fruit machine is experiencing a new popularity.

Youd think with all the video slots online that Marvel or movies would be the most beloved, but the truth is that people still love to play the classic slot machine with cherries and the lucky number 7. The Incredible Hulk Slot game might amuse you with his giant fists, the Fantastic Four might stun you with their skills and Gollum might be oddly charming in Lord of the Rings, but at the end of the day the gamblers still love the good old fruit machine.

There is a subtle difference you might not know about when it comes to fruit and slot machines. Fruit machine have a hold function where you can hold a reel in place for a spin, and spin the others useful when youve got two out of the three and just need that elusive final symbol! Often you can nudge them along as well, which is great when you can see the BAR sign just out of your grasp.
Quite apart from that, everyone knows retro is the way to go so next time you head for the casino slots, give the fruit machines a shot. You might find you prefer them to the video slots!

A pure Slots and Games love affair

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The International language of the Slot Machine

What is it about a slot machine that makes it so easy to understand, no matter what language you speak? Even if youve never played before, or youre on a website in a different language, I guarantee that you can sit in front of a casino slot and understand exactly how to play and when youre winning.
You might not understand why youre winning, precisely, but thats a different story.

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