No Download Poker Sites vs Mobile Poker Sites

This time I would like to talk a little bit about few other types of poker sites. The first one are no download poker sites.Its generally assumed that when you sign up with an online poker room, youll need to download and install software before you can start playing. Well that isnt necessarily the case. There are a good number of poker sites which will now allow you to log into your player account and sit down at a table without installing any software at all.

Its all done through your standard web browser, which is great news for players who arent comfortable installing software or who find themselves wanting to play poker while away from from home. On top of that, playing at a no-download poker site eliminates any risk of copying a virus or spyware on to your computer, as there is no need to install any software.

Rather than double clicking an icon on your desktop, No-Download players will instead be required to login to their account via the poker rooms website. This means that anyone who has an internet connection can play poker at a No-Download room no matter what browser or operating system they have on their computer.

Once a player is logged into their account, they will be able to participate in all of the tournaments and ring games that they would be able to play in the fully downloadable version of the poker room software.

The other type of poker sites, which I want to talk about are mobile poker sites.Mobile pokerusing cellular technology has been available for some time, but take up by poker players was initially slow due to connectivity and availability issues. On a global basis, the requirement for online poker games for mobile phones is rising constantly, with many players in some regions using mobiles at a much higher frequency than more static internet access methods. In addition, many players with busy schedules can struggle to find the time to play regularly on a laptop or PC, but mobile phones are with us all the time.Mobile pokergives extra opportunities to play the game and use lost time for entertainment purposes.

Mobile poker games operate in the same way as regular online games via your PC, with the same bonus offers and promotions open to anyone registering to play. Provided you can make a connection, you can play mobile poker anywhere no laptop or no PC required.

More and more of the major poker rooms are now developing enhanced mobile poker software and platforms after realizing the enormous potential for growth in the market.