Online Poker Sites to Play in US and Canada

A lot of interesting things happened last few years regarding playing poker online United States.In 2006,the UIGEA was signed into the Port-Security Act and changed the way poker online was played for millions of Americans. Over the last four years, new poker sites and payment methods have emerged to take their place. Although there are a number of poker sites online that accept US players, finding the right room and the right deposit option is still difficult for the average player.

If you live within the United States, and like to play poker online, you will know that the number ofonline US poker sites is limited to a select few. This is due to the restrictions which have been put in place with the UIGEA. With the UIGEA we have also seen the number of online payment processors pull out from the US market. There are options still available to you below forUS poker sites. The only two options for US players have to fund their accounts include Visa, Mastercard or Western Union and Moneygram.

Canadian poker players are in a similar situation to US poker players because the Canadian Government has made it illegal to run an online poker operation inside of Canada. However, similar to US laws, it is not illegal to participate in online poker games, so Canadian residents can play at a massive number of Canadian poker sites without fear of repercussions.

Additionally, Canadian laws restricting online poker do not extend to payment processors and banks, so Canadian residents will have a much simpler time depositing on the above poker sites, as well as having faster cash-out times, than US residents do.

Canadians can also look forward to their governments recent discussions on legalizing and regulating online poker, which would take any shroud of legal ramifications out of the equation and open up even more online poker sites for Canadian players.

Once you do find the right Canadian friendly poker room there will be a world of thrill, skill and cash waiting for you to discover. Playing online is growing in popularity and its very important that you get the best game possible each and every time you sign on and play. There is a whole different level of poker playing available, and all it takes is a few clicks to start your adventure.